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Fanfiction.net doing the Thought Police... again
Okay, so I do have a Livejournal... that I pay for every year and then rarely ever use.

Busily backing up my fanfiction from FF.net... since they seem to be doing the thought police thing again.  Not that I really think my work is explicit in any way, it's pretty tame... but the last time they did their thing they were deleting things that weren't explicit at all.  Certainly not any worse than the Harlequin romance novels you could find at drugstores and supermarkets.

So, here I am, trying to find new places to post my fics.  While I write for myself, sharing them is a large part of what's appealing to me.

Already on Adultfanfiction.net and trying to find others as well.  Not entirely sure I want to post on my own site, I don't want the drama associated.... but it's an option too.

Anyway, I live.

Black Friday Birthday
Coffee, Superman Coffee
What to do with my birthday?  That's the question.  I already bought the new Florence + The Machine album from Amazon MP3 and reupped my Livejournal. (That I rarely use)

Kinda irked with WoW at the moment; we have a new bumper crop of hostile n00bs who take issue with everything under the sun.  (I blame Chuck Norris)  Plus, WoW is my everyday entertainment.  Not something to do with my birthday that's not something I would do for myself.

Thinking about hitting a spa or something, but still not sure what's available at the last minute.  I don't want to go totally spend happy.  Black Friday crowds figuring in to my plans too.  (Boo)

Swear, I'll get Christmas cards out this year, even if I get them out a month early.  If you want one, toss me a note or comment.

June was not my month
Britney: Oh sh*t
June was definitely not my month and  I'm really rather relieved it's about over.

June 7th: A strange dog jumped our fence and attacked Luna.  Our neighbor came over and helped get it off her, but the dog took off for parts unknown.  Left a couple puncture wounds in Luna's neck.  She's fine, the wounds are completely healed and she's back to her normal self.

June 9th - 11th:  My diabetes went completely out of control and I found myself in the ICU fighting a bout of DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis.)  Turns out I had a bladder infection and it completely threw me for a loop.  Lots of fluids, extra insulin, and complete replacement of my electrolytes... and antibiotics for my bladder infection from hell.

June 17th: I find out I'm being laid off from Hilton Worldwide along with all the rest of the contractors in the content division on July 1st.

Don't worry too much about my layoff.  I have a bit saved up, plus I'm eligible for unemployment.  (Trust me, I'm an expert at living very frugally!)

I'm being considered for Web design positions with AT&T, JC Penney, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and a local energy company.  I just suspect I need to get past the 4th of July holiday before I'll hear back.

But yeah, totally totally happy June is about over.  Ready to move on to July and the next step.

Much love to all of you!

Nostalgia: Jellies and Animated Films
How bad is it when I see jellies and just totally squeal in glee?  LOL  I am so bad!  Those were such a huge fad, but I remember mine being so comfortable.

But dang, what happened?  They used to be like .50¢ – .75¢ a pair back when I was a kid.  These are are $25 and up!

Found a really cool article yesterday: 10 of Our Childhood’s Animated Films That Could Really Bear Closer Inspection - The Mary Sue

I always knew they had balls to make a few of my favorite movies when I was a kid.  The Last Unicorn, Watership Down, and The Secret of NIMH were constantly in the VCR.   Watching those today give me a few goosebumps.  Both because they were mostly true to the novel but because I can further appreciate all the nuances and subjects my child brain couldn't quite comprehend.

Good times :)

It Feels Like Friday
Been trying unsuccessfully to come up with anything to say.  It feels like Friday, but it's Thursday.

I really need to update my portfolio.  It's been a long time since I bothered to do anything with it.  I'm tempted just to set up a redirect and bump it over to my DeviantArt Portfolio.  However, some of my old blog posts still receive a fair amount of traffic.  I don't totally want to leave them in 404 Not Found land.  I guess a quick redo it is.

I use LJ now for all my blogging needs, so the blog there is mostly unused now.  That presents security risks, given I forget that I have a Wordpress install in that directory. 

I like being able to have a bit more security over who sees what in my posts, which LJ provides.  I blog because I want to stay in touch with my friends. I don't mind that people read my blog at all, but at the same time I have estranged family who I don't care to have on my networks.

Yay Storms!
Poison Ivy: Smile
They say everything's bigger in Texas and they're not kidding!

To preface, before I realized I was a Web designer type, I was a Meteorology type.  I attended college with the full intent of becoming a meteorologist.  That is, until I realized I liked computers better and I could actually handle (not to mention pronounce) the mathematics disciplines involved.  I am happy to report that I'm still a weather geek enthusiast

On the way home, I noticed that we had mammatocumulus clouds overhead.  Those types of clouds can be indicative of a strong storm.  In fact, the only time I've ever seen them personally was before or after a tornado.  So I knew last night's storms were going to be interesting.

Had lots of gorgeous lightning overhead even before the storm arrived and plenty of thunder.  Had my (furry) girls hang out with us in the living room out of precaution. Once it arrived, it was mostly heavy rain and some strong wind gusts.  However, we did get pea to marble sized hail.

I actually took some pictures of the hail with my camera phone with size references, but while they look fine on my phone, they look terrible on larger resolutions.  I'll have to cave eventually and buy myself a decent camera.

Much love! ♥ ♥ ♥

Furry little beast!
Artoo: Sweatdrop
There is a mystery on this planet that will likely never be solved.  No, I'm not talking about the Bermuda Triangle, Loch Nes, or where that missing sock goes when you just know it was there when you put your clothes in the dryer.

How does a black cat leave white hair on black slacks?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen... this is a mystery for the ages.  Cats must have a hidden color-changing ability in order to selectively shed the correct color hair.

Kaze, my tuxedo cat, is not a morning kitty.  While she can equally shed black or white hair, she's not up at this hour.  She's always snoring away under my bed or on mom's bed every morning.  (I mean "snoring" literally.  Like a pint-sized 747. Semi-squashed face, for the win!)  Echo is my morning cat. 6:30am every morning I get my purring wake-up call.  After I'm up, she trots off to play while I take my shower.  When I'm done, she must come into the bathroom for affection while I do my makeup and hair.  When I'm done, she heads into my bedroom ahead of me.

This morning I came into my room to find her playing on my bed... or rather, rolling on my slacks while playing with the sash that goes with them.

And left them covered in white cat hair.

Sally is stumped.

Fanfiction: Both Sides Now (Chapters 4 - 9)
writing, book

Both Sides Now -- (NSFW)
Silvermoon's fateful decision to join the Horde had far reaching ramifications. A young High Elf paladin, Una Whitebrook, finds herself on a path she was never prepared to follow. Warnings: Adult Situations, Erotica, Violence
Rating: Adult | Genre: Fantasy, Adventure | Category: Warcraft | Chapters: 9

* Language, sexual themes, violence

Morning Randomness
Poison Ivy: Smile
  1. Low Rise Jeans -- Normally, I purchase low rise jeans because they fit me as either mid-rise or just below the waist.  Went into JC Penney's last weekend and went on my usual prowl for deeply discounted clearance stuff.  Found they were clearing out one style of jean: Dark blue rinse, low rise, boot cut for $14.  Target acquired, mission accomplished.  I know my size is consistent in their Arizona brand jeans, so I never bothered to try them on.  Popped them on this morning and discovered -- these actually fit me as low rise.  *laughs*  They feel so weird.  Not bad, just weird.

  3. Clearance Sales -- Why must you taunt me, clearance sale notification e-mail?  I have bills due this weekend and you're telling me about $50 clothes on clearance for $3 - $20.  Buckle.com has $3 shorts, The Limited has $12 blouses, and Gap has $17 sweaters.  Make them stop teasing me!

  5. My Cat From Hell -- Hey, that cat is acting like my little Echo when she's scared. [Link]  Suppose I should watch for some tips on how to better handle her next time she panics.

  7. Katy Perry and Lady Gaga -- I don't normally watch music videos.  So after watching a few of theirs... I really and truly hate to break it to people, but they're this era's Madonna.  Thinking in relation to the era, their music videos are no worse than Madonna.  And she's considered easy listening now!

  8. Childrens Week PVP Achievements -- So totally love when Horde/Alliance actually are nice about these.  I love PVP when I'm doing it just because, hate it when I need to accomplish a concrete objective. 

  10. Warcraft Rogues -- In other news, I also love when a rogue thinks they can kill me on my resto shaman.  Most aren't good enough to keep me locked down.  Adore tricking them into wasting their interrupts too.  Due to frequent stints as MDPS, I know exactly when I'd interrupt, so it's easy to time.  Most rogues get me down a ways, I recover, hit my specials, and heal up to full again.  Emote a /giggle or /grin and let them go again.  Rinse and repeat until they emote /sigh and Vanish.  Just to keep me humble, there's that rare, skilled rogue with PVP gear who remembers how to stun lock and I go down like a wet paper bag.

  12. Warcraft Death Noobs Versus Death Knights -- Nothing is tastier than deep fried Death Noob.  Nothing is scarier than a Death Knight.  I'm running like a scared little girl if you're a Death Knight.  If you're a Death Noob, you are about to get pwned by a healer and a chick at that.  Nothing personal.

  14. Fanfiction -- 300 hits on the latest chapter of my Warcraft story and not a single review.

  16. Woodshed! -- Inside joke with losthowl; moving along. *nod*

  18. Pet Hair -- Echo, my sweet little kitty... I love you; you love me... but great googly, moogly... your sisters and you are shedding fiends!

A-Kon: $42 a ticket? Yikes!
Instant Human
Just a moment of EEK... it's been years since I've attended an anime con and I remembered Dallas has a big one called A-Kon.

Just looked up the ticket prices: $42 for a one day pass.  I guess that's roughly on-par with the horror movie con I almost took Mom to.  I'm just enough of a cheapskate to have a little sticker shock, especially since rent and a few bills are due about then.


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