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Ronin Warriors Action Figures
EDIT: der_glitzkrieg, your RW action figures are on their way. ^_^ Thank you so much for giving them a home! <3

The rapid push to move before we wind up homeless continues. I opened a box and found 5 Ronin Warriors action figures.

They're in their original packaging, unopened. I got them from Big Lots back when I was at college the first time and they still have their $2.99 "Great Bargain!" sticker on them.

I have:
- Ryo
- Cye
- Sage
- Cale
- "Hariel" (White Armor Ryo)

I don't have room for them anymore. If you want them, please say so now and give me your address so I can ship them to you. You have one week before I take them off to the local Goodwill. This is first-come, first-serve, unfortunately. I would prefer they go to a fellow fan than wind up destroyed by some little kid. >_<

*HUGS* Thanks

Leave your address here: http://firefall-varuna.livejournal.com/51998.html

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks Kit :) Yeah, I still have Rowan... he sat on my desk until I got my cats. (Cause his horns? Apparently they feel nummy on kitty teeth.) So he's dusty, I think the springs in one of his legs is broken, and there might be a toothmark on one of his horns. Not going to part with him, though. Maybe someday my desk decorations can come back out.

I was hoping to keep them, but I want to be able to travel light. They're on their way to der_glitzkrieg now.

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